There aren’t many things I identify myself with, but I pride myself for not really being part of anything religious or political. I just wanna be me. Assuming, however, most people feel the same way I do, then why is it we allow the people who are put in  control the ones who hurt us like this? Perhaps it’s not you being particularly bothered, hurt, or oppressed, but there is still hurting being done to  other people, who are probably more like you than you may realize. It could be the homeless person who just lost everything, to the war vet who was abandoned after risking everything to protect the very thing that forgot about  him.

Let me bring to light some current issues wrong with America. The fact that walls, bathrooms, what a woman does with her own body, and oil pipe lines. Why  have these issue become more important than helping others in “our country”? Not because these social issues don’t matter (politics shouldn’t have a say in what humans are allowed to do and who they’re allowed to be), but because we can be helping people in physical need!  Let’s get real, there is a city with ruffly 300,000  people in it who can’t even drink the water, children are dying from drinking water in Flint, a city that is in the country this orange old man claimed he would claim make great again after being handed  the title of president, after not truly earning it (if you  dont  understand the true definition of apresident look it up, or look at past presidents who have protected the people; shoutout to FDR).

Why is this okay? Why is our Army hurting the people our fore fathers slaughtered, rapedl and nearly erased, after we promised to protect them!?  Why are we allowing all these things to happen instead, of making this place better for the rest of us and the ones that come next? There is so much suffering in this country, whether it’s physical, mental, or even life threatening. We have the power to stop all this if we work together, so why are we so divided still?  Why are we still not looking at each other like equals? Why do we allow a group of people who are supose to help us and make all these terrible things stop, continue to hurt us?

I may not know you, be like you, or even understand you; but I wouldn’t want these terrible things to happen to anybody. I can’t imagine raising my son in a place that can sit back, and watch the suffering of others and choose to look away. Togehter we can change America, and keep our people safe; not from invisible threats, but real ones that exist and occur everyday in this country. Let’s do our part, stop worrying about other people’s race,s religon, celeberty gossip, or what ever it is you’ve been conditioned to distract yourself with, and stand up for these people! We need to help one another, and not let the people put in power to “protect you,” do the opposite to others.

I hope that most people feel close to the same way I do. You do have a voice, let it be heard. Not through more violence and pain, but by compassion and relentlessness. If enough of us stand up, we can make a change.


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